Senior Pet Care

As your pet grows older, he may require more comprehensive vet care to maintain good health. Senior pets are more susceptible to sickness and disease. If you have an older pet, bring him to Farview Veterinary Hospital for senior pet care. We’ll take excellent care of your senior dog or cat.


Understanding the Needs of Senior Pets

Age can bring physical, mental, and emotional changes to your pet. As your pet ages, he’ll begin to slow down and become less interested in normal activities like walking, playing, or eating. If he develops a degenerative disease, his whole lifestyle may change. You may need to modify your pet’s environment, diet, or exercise regimen to help him keep up with his routine. By adapting to your senior pet’s needs, you can help him enjoy a high quality of life in his senior years.

Senior Pet Vet Care

At Farview Veterinary Hospital, we understand the growing needs of senior pets and offer the following services to care for your senior dog or cat:

Wellness Exams: Wellness exams are even more essential for senior pets. We suggest your pet have semi-annual wellness exams so your Independence, MO, veterinarian can closely monitor his health. If health issues arise, your Independence, MO, veterinarian can start treatment early enough to help your pet recover.  

Dental Care: As your pet grows older, he’s more prone to dental issues and periodontal disease. Through routine dental exams and cleanings, you can keep these issues at bay and help your pet maintain good oral health, even in his senior years. We also recommend you brush your pet’s teeth regularly as part of his home care.

Diet: Senior pets need a high-protein, low-calorie diet to keep them healthy and at a good weight. As senior pets are less active, they don’t require as many calories in their food. Excess calories can lead to obesity, which can cause all kinds of health problems in your pet. Your Independence, MO, veterinarian can recommend nutritious foods that will enhance your pet’s health without putting on extra weight.

Exercise: Your senior pet may not feel like exercising, but exercise is important to his health. Rather than stopping exercise altogether, try shortening your dog’s walks and reducing your cat’s playtimes to help keep them active. Exercise and play enhance your pet’s physical and mental health. If necessary, modify your pet’s environment to help him get around safely and comfortably in his senior years.

See Your Independence, MO, Veterinarian for Senior Pet Care

Your senior pet deserves quality care to keep him as healthy as possible in his senior years. For senior pet care services that you can trust, look no further than your Independence, MO, veterinarian. Schedule your pet’s wellness exam by calling Farview Veterinary Hospital today at 816-257-5454.

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